Thursday, March 15, 2007

Amateur Fro

In case you didn’t know there is a picture contest on right now. Should I enter the one above from last night? Never hurts.

Sorry you won’t get that title unless you are in the know. Last night Mtn Goat, BrouSSard, Dave and I all rode Dupont.

Our route was slightly sadistic as we didn’t feel like crossing the creek or heading north.

Corn Mill Shoals, Long Side, Pine Tree, Rock Quarry, Buck Ridge Road, Micajah, Wilikie, Corn Mill Shoals, Big Rock, Cedar Rock, Little River, Cedar Rock, Big Rock, Corn Mill Shoals, Burnt Mountain, Nooks, Burnt Mountain, Corn Mill Shoals, Longside, Twixt, Rock Quarry Road, Micajah, Wilikie

Dave coming up from the first climb.

Shewwwwwwwwwwww, that’s a lot of names for 15 miles. And people wonder why you have to have Dupont memorized to ride there.

I had a milestone last night. I climbed Big Rock for the first time. No one cleaned it. Then we went down the tech side of Cedar and came back up the easy side. Well, for the first time ever, I made it up Cedar without walking!

We completed a small amount of mileage but we earned it the hard way. The figure eight we did on Cedar was breath taking to say the least. Next time I think we will park at Fawn Lake for some less sadistic riding. Good for the soul.

Ok enough of the gibberish.
Jeremy and Dave climbing hard.
Still pushin'
Ahhhhhhhhh a Burnt Mountain sunset, does it get any better?


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