Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rainy Day Ride

Well I am sure all of you will be glad to know that I was able to solve my camera issues. For some reason my computer would not recognize the images from the SD card and I had to transfer them via the USB port.

So on with the fun and games.

Saturday there was a worry that rain would impede our plans but fear not. Here is the entire group waiting at the top of Bear Branch:

After Bear Branch Jeremy decided he would fix a mechanical in the middle of an open fire road around the corner just to make it extreme. Either that or he was hammering his loose cleat in with the handle bars.

After Bear Branch we made the climb up to the parkway so we could drop into Bent Creek.

As we were flying down the hill into Bent Creek all I could think about was climbing out. I had never actually crossed into Bent Creek that way before and I was wondering how much climbing there was.

The tunnel at the top of Wash Creek road and the Parkway:

We proceeded on to ride a lot of trails in Bent Creek. I am not sure of all the names as Goat Epics was leading at this point.

I did stop to take a picture of one of the many rhododendron tunnels:

I was pulling the caboose on Saturday as I struggled most of the day. At one point, I came around the corner to Dennis sawing away at a fallen tree:

Here is Momentum coming down the end of Green’s Lick. We had two flats on that bad boy:

We did eventually make it up to the top of the Parkway again. It was everything I could do to stay on the bike and not walk at this point. Here is one of the most famous signs on all of the parkway:

There are three tunnels to navigate, luckily this section of the Parkway is closed this time of the year. I wish it were always closed to cars.

Did I mention there was a threat of rain?

We crossed the creek at the end just to give my new shoes a proper test.

Somebody decided that the joke was on me. At least my car wasn’t broken into.

I was whooped at the end of the day. Thanks to those who came out and a special thanks goes to D Kuntz for providing post ride brews!

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