Monday, March 26, 2007

Cinderella Story

This weekend I got a couple rides in at Harbison and Manchester. I rode hard with a slightly cross countrier gear than I normally run. My legs are pretty sore today.

Friday evening Kristin and I went to see Carolina Ballet’s production of “Cinderella.” Kristin teaches dance to these young children and so it was our privledge to get to see them for free. As Kristin sat there, watching with a critiquing eye, I started thinking about the similarity in her passtion to be a dancer and mine to be outdoors and on the bike. It is good that we are both very passionate about things in our lives. That way we are more understanding of how much time goes into these sorts of things.

I wondered if there were any ballet enduro nut jobs out there. It does seem as though ballet takes a lot of endurance. However, I couldn’t find any 24 hour ballet’s or anything of that sort.

I did find that the longest tap dance ever was 20 miles 63 yards and it took 8 hours to complete. I wonder if he or she used any sport legs or hammer gel.

I did listen to my own advice this weekend. While I was out at Harbison, I met a fellow on a Voodoo 29’er. We rode together for a bit since we were on our own but quickly parted ways as we set our own paces.

I have some new weapons installed on the Drunken Monkey but I am not yet ready to reveal them as they have not been fully tested.

I am sure this weekend will give them a good run down though.

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