Thursday, March 22, 2007


D-Kuntz, Dave and I convened for a daylight hours Dupont ride last night. On the drive from Greenville to Dupont, I did something I have never done before. I used my cellular telephone to call and complain about a truck driver. I am almost 100% positive that it did no good but I felt better anyway. Even if my Father was a trucker, I would still hate them all. It is a generalization that I employ.

We parked at the Fawn Lake area last night. Here was our route:

Fawn Lake loop, Mine Mountain, Airstrip, Shelter Rock, Corn Mill Shoals, Bridal Veil falls Road, Barn Trail, Shelter Rock, Conservation Road, Airstrip, Shelter Rock, Corn Mill Shoals, Shoals, Laurel Mountain, Cart Trail, Reasonover out and back

I have never done that route exactly; we just rode hard and kept an awesome pace. My new Nevegals are giving me “nevitude.” I feel like I am cornering on rails at all times. They corner so well that I am grabbing onto more aggressive lines than I am used to. When you lean the tires over to turn, a turning method that is extremely effective with 29’ers, they feel like you are still flying straight because the outside knobs are so prominent. Soon I am going to push the tires to the limit and find myself on the ground. I almost did last night on the new section of Corn Mill shoals. Both tires slid out from poor turning technique by me but they caught before I hit the ground and I just ended up perpendicular to the trail on the bike.

We were really warmed up when we got to Reasonover and D-Kuntz was leading. Past the uphill, it turns into this rock and roll roller coaster from heaven. We were flying through the trees. I could hear the grip of my tires chewing into the dirt as we held our speed into and back out of tight corners. We were ripping.

D-Kuntz and I commented on the fact that we don’t know too many other places where we feel comfortable going that fast through the woods.

Rest days follow,


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