Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Last night, Kristin came home excited to go outside. So we made the quick drive over to the Congaree Swamp and went for a hike.

As we made the drive, I thought about the recent rains and the swollen rivers and figured we might not even be able to get anywhere. They have a raised boardwalk that takes you about a story off the ground around the park. The water was flush with the wood in spots. We were able to hike on most of the boardwalk, even though it appeared that earlier in the day most of the spots we were on were under water.

It made for some cool views. I took the picture above while standing on the boardwalk. All the other times we have been there, that would have been dry land. I can imagine it is a cool place when the rains come.

As we were walking out in the dark we heard something of decent size jump off a tree into the water and swim away. Kristin went diving over the edge to see what the creature was. Ok, it didn’t happen exactly like that.


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