Friday, March 16, 2007

Table Rock Dysentery

This past Sunday Kristin, Meghan, Broussard and I all made the five and a half hour hiking trip up to the top of Table Rock SC.

The trip didn’t seem to take as long as it did last year when we hiked up. We stopped at the shelter on the way up for a break:

Once we were at the top we were rewarded with great views and swirling Hawk. They were riding the waves of wind that would rush up the two sides of the rock. At one point I could count about 7 of them. It was mesmerizing watching them float effortlessly through the air. I could have stayed there and watched them all day.

As we sat taking in the view:

We noticed some teenagers that had come up in running clothes. Out of five of them, no one carried a single thing. No water or anything at all. As we hiked back down I heard the gitty teenagers behind me. I figured they were in a hurry since they had nothing to eat or drink and decided to let them around. However, when I turned around they weren’t rushing to get by me. They were slurping the ground seepage where everyone hikes down. YUMMY!

You can’t beat that place for a nice day hike. I would mark it down as semi-strenuous.

Have a great St. Patrick’s weekend.


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