Friday, March 09, 2007

Local Goodness

So there are lots of good things going on in Greenville for mountain biking. It seems as though we might have enough interest locally to start our own chapter of SORBA. This could only bring about good in our area but we will be the one’s responsible for making it happen and seeing it through.

We are on our way as petitions are out around the local bike shops so stop in and put your name and number down if you are interested in seeing MTB growth in the area. Don’t think petitions work? Well Mr. Andrew started the petition to allow night biking at Paris, we got a hundred names and guess what? Now we are allowed to ride two nights a week out there.

We have made contact with the SORBA folk and it looks very promising so far.

On another good note some folks went out to Fants Grove on Wednesday to make some notes about where we can improve the trail and make it rideable again. This would be great if it happened. We would then have Croft, Issaqueena, Dupont, Paris, Lynch’s and Fants Grove all within an hour of Greenville. Can you say MOUNTAIN BIKE MECCA?

For those of you who have been living in the dark, there is a big big ride going down in Pisgah tomorrow. If ya wanna come out here are the details:

Meet 8:00
On bikes @ 8:30Location: 1206 parking area just before the gravel and bridge past North Mills.

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