Monday, March 19, 2007

Sans Bike

This was the first weekend in a long time that I did not even look at my bike. It was a special weekend filled with friends who were once close but are now far away.

On Sunday we purged our souls of the St. Patrick’s festivities with a short hike up Stone Mountain in GA. They have a tram to the top of this mountain even though it only takes twenty minutes to walk up it at an easy pace.

Does this sentence hit home with anybody?

“Relish the challenge of overcoming difficulties that would crush ordinary men.”

It is a sentence from “Will and Suffering” written by Mark Twight.

Dave sent me a link to this article:

It is a very short but great article about Alpinist. It can easily be applied toward just about anything but most importantly, endurance mountain biking. He thought about sending me the article after the slightly sadistic route out at Dupont last week.

Here is my four part series on how to take a group photo:

1. Set up camera, set on custom timer as you please, run.

2. Attempt to arrive in position quickly:

3. Make stylish uber skate move to acquire position within the group:

4. Pose:


Thomas Gaines said...

After reading the article on Will and Suffering I have decided that as a pre-ride ritual I will begin by punching a wasp in the face and/or boxing and bee's nest. I think this step will elevate my training to the next level.
And, the next time time I hear someone crying that they are tired on a ride, I will suggest they take a nap, then wake up cook me some dinner. It's only fair if you slow the group down.
Now thats Extreme Tao.

ExtrmTao said...


Good ideas there. Another one I think you should start. Would be that if someone complains about going up a trail. Make sure you circle around and go right back up it again while you shoot them in the chest with a firehose. That's training!