Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Dog Runner

Last night I made it over to Paris early enough to get a circuit in before dark. I also decided to climb the single track out from Brissy Ridge instead of taking the road up. The climb from the bottom of Brissy to the top of Firetower is something else when you don’t stop.

It was nice seeing the park lit up by the sun again. I haven’t seen that in quite some time. Once down at the lake I took my first break of the day. Things at the lake were peaceful as always:

I rode the loop around the lake avoiding the log bridge. I went clockwise around the lake which is the best direction for riding the log but I wasn’t feeling the consequences today and if you aren’t feeling it no reason to even try.

Next up was to be my climb out from the lake. Wow, that is a hard climb. Luckily I didn’t hit any riders coming down this time so it was smooth.

After Brissy, I got to the top of Firetower and noticed that the sun was just right for a picture of the old chimney to the house that used to be used for I don’t know what. So I snapped one:
I cruised down the technical side of Firetower and then up to the top of Sulphur. At this vantage point you can see 360 degrees. The sun was setting and changing the sky non-dramatic purples and pinks.

As I cruised down the last section of Sulphur I saw him. “The dog runner” was out running with his dog. This is only the second time I have seen him. You may say to yourself “So what is the big deal about a guy running with a dog?”

This guy runs with his dog draped across his shoulders and neck holding both is hind legs in his left hand and front legs in his right hand. Yes, just like a dog-made scarf. Yes, he really runs as well. Tonight he moved aside to let me pass and blurted out a hello that I couldn’t quite make out. I was just so mesmerized to see him again. The first time it was almost dark and I thought someone at work had slipped Strick-9 in my sweet tea.

Now I know he is real and not a figment of my imagination. Next time, I will see if I can strike up a conversation. This subject needs further researching.


Sir Belt Buckle said...

Take some dog treats with you

Squirrel said...

Sure will be nice to ride dirt once again:) I like the treat idea, I wonder if he runs the dog to total shut down then has to firemen carry him the rest of the way? Interesting indeed.


ExtrmTao said...


That is funny, I thought about using the "fireman's carry" adjective while writing this one.

If I see him in passing again I will make sure to turn around and query him about this strange phenomenon.