Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catch Me If You Can

In the woods by my house, Shade and I play a game. I walk him down the street and into the woods; he already knows the area so well that he can lead me down the trail in the middle of the dark.

When we get to a big rock outcropping where the terrain is steep, I make him sit and then take his leash off. He bounds around on the rocks running close by me so I can shoo him away. He now knows the game so well that he will take off and run around while I try and catch him. He loves the game and afterwards I always make sure he walks up to me so I can put his leash back on so he knows the game is over.

There is a creek crossing on Corn Mill Shoals in Dupont that haunts my thoughts. In the summer it is a welcomed site to have to slip your shoes off and walk in your socks across the creek. In the winter, the creek becomes a cool seductress that will punish you for falling in.

If you have ever been to Dupont, you know the creek I am speaking of. It is where the Little River crosses Corn Mill Shoals and the crossing is insanely slippery. Imagine riding your bike across an ice hockey rink that has been freshly zambonied. Now imagine riding your bike across that ice with water rushing on top of it, yah it is like that. Alan taught me a while back that if you leave your socks on and walk across your feet stick to the algae covered rocks. It is a local secret that serves me well in the summer. . .

Last night I was riding with Shade on the leash at Paris when he did the Peter (from Family Guy) move. You know the one where he covers his butt with his hand and makes the ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound. It hits him so abruptly that he has to stop no matter what. After I feel my arm tug backward I look down and notice I have the leash and collar in my hand while Shade is copping a squat in the woods.

After he finishes his business he gave me the “Catch me if you can” look. Ohhhhh Crap. I tried to tell him that we weren’t playing but he wasn’t having it. Eventually I had him trapped by a large creek and I thought for sure I had him when he took a leaping bound into the water. He literally went in over his head and came out of the water vibrant and full of life still wanting to work on his escapism game.

The first time I ever went to Dupont I never hesitated and got halfway across the creek before my bike and I went for a nice little swim. I have fallen in the creek since then but it has always been walking.

Now on our Wednesday night rides, Beefcake masterfully negotiates the crossing. He hits it with a slow roll that leaves me cringing just watching. On Saturday we had 30 some miles under our belt when we rolled up on the creek. I grabbed a tree knowing Cake-masta-beef was right behind me so I could watch his line. His line scared me as bad as the first scene in Cliffhanger, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

However he made it, I sat there on my bike, holding the tree watching Dennis and Zach untie their shoes while Cook sat victoriously on the other side. I had no excuse as my camera was not with me so I slowly came up with my own line and twinkle toed my bike across the creek thinking quiet thoughts the entire way.

I was victorious, in catching Shade and crossing the creek.



Anonymous said...

Way to go making the little river crossing! It really isn't that hard, is it?


Anonymous said...

Someone else has a series of pics where several gals make that crossing, in higher water no less! Is it really all a matter ('mater) of confidence? I still walk it, but barefoot.


Happy belated b-day J.