Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Eating My Lunch

Paris has the black magic voodoo on me lately. The last three rides out there have resulted in three flats and one fall.

Now that the time has changed again and Tuesday night is our only extended night of the season at Paris, the hordes are massing.

We had a bunch of people show up for a ride, we tried to tie a couple groups together and then mechanicals and lost ways founds us all separated but riding together if you know what I mean.

For the first section down Turtle and up Mountain Creek, I tried to hang with Jim Cunningham and his group. They are a road crew and whoever was wearing that Land Rover kit was flying. I did my best to keep up and lit my one and only match flying up Mountain Creek, I was through.

The rest of the evening was spent changing tires, failing lights, seats and catching back up with people.

Shade and I took a hike afterwards and I took the time to snap this photo and a high exposure with no flash but using my night riding light. It did end up blurry but that is what happens when you up the exposure and don't use a tripod. OH well.


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