Thursday, November 01, 2007


Somehow the spirits deemed me to have the day off yesterday. I knew something unfamiliar was going on when I walked outside to see that some spirit had been stacking wood. It had to be a spirit, surely no human could stack wood like this.

After some time spent around the house, some magical being with large wings swept me away and carried me to a mystical land filled with colors, demons and UFO’s.

Some of the beings were whisking their way through the woods, it was quite frightening.

The beings were manifesting into many shapes.
I have heard of security officers warning about the power lines. . . now I know why.

Paranormal, I think so. . .


Beefcake said...

Liking the post. Upside down bike phenom always seems to happen at end of airstrip...weird.
Nice pics Mater. Look forward to riding with you again soon.

The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

sorry I missed the Holloween fest. Took the family to the "hood" of hendo and scored us some candy. Hope to get out and riding with ya soon.