Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I was not going to post anything today since I didn’t have anything related to Mountain Biking to write about. Then I was reading the Greenville Journal at lunch and ran across an article about my old neighbor (this is a neighbor that I never wrote about before, not the one that likes to cause chaos).

I met Roby Giovine and his wife when I first lived at my apartment in downtown Greenville. Roby works for Hincappie sportswear as the lead designer. He and his wife Holly competed in many local Triathlons and I would always look for their names in the local results as they normally kicked butt. I had not noticed their names recently.

Well apparently Roby is now a photojournalist for South Carolina’s division of the National Guard. Roby has been corresponding since August and is keeping a website documenting his life as a soldier.

Nice work and come home safe Roby!

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