Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hitting The Deck

After Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s rides I wanted to go out to Paris and take it easy last night. Then a powerful group of Steve, Rick, Tim and Ken showed up. I lived to my expectations for awhile on the ride and avoided all the precarious log bridges, just “taking it easy.”

Biking is rooted in BMX. Everyone I know that has ever ridden BMX growing up are the best downhillers and technical riders I have ever met. Ken is one of those riders. He knows the bike inside and out, to say he is “fast” just doesn’t do him justice. The smooth lines (He is riding a rigid ON ONE) and quick turns combined with a fleeting disposition to wheelie the bike at any moment he feels so inclined amazes me at every section of the trail.

Coming back down Mountain Creek trail at Paris is a treat. It is super fast and flowing. When you turn into the banks and weave through the trees you just know the trail was designed for you at that particular moment.

So Ken and I are flying down Mountain Creek with Ken in the lead and me pulling the caboose as we had left the rest of the riders to their own demise at the top of the mountain. I am not riding out of my ability but I am watching the lines Ken is pulling to see if there are any lines that I have missed where I might be able to pick up some speed.

I am having these thoughts when I realize I am on an outside line on a corner when I normally pull the inside. I am speeding along at a descent clip when I look down and see a long flat boulder three feet in front of me. Its edge juts up about 4 inches from the ground. Knowing I will be a toasted croissant if I don’t pull up, I commit and bunny hop the entire rock. I have had lots of commitments in my life and this is not one I am proud of as I am flying through the air, I spot where I am going to land and my front wheel is headed straight for a round boulder about the size of a large human head.

At that moment, I am ejected from the bike in a fast arc over the bars and directly onto more dirt embedded boulders. I hit hard on my left side. Hip, head, shoulder, knee and foot all check the earth at the same time on rock. I hit hard enough to get that “blinding shock of white light” come into my eyes. After lying there a few moments, I believe I won’t fall down if I try to get up. I am ok, the bike has a severely bent front wheel but all is good.

This folks is how you “Hit The Deck.”


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allan said...

Ouch! Glad your ok man.