Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Extra Miles

Dennis and I went and did something real stupid. We went and registered for “The Most Horrible Thing Ever.” You may have your own idea of what is horrible and PMBAR honcho Eric has his. I think his is going to blow us away.

In Eric’s own words, this is what the race will be:

Teams of two riders race to reach up to 30 checkpoints in a 36 hour time period. Start at Midnight Friday night (with a time trial to the passports) and race until noon Sunday. In February. Team with the most checkpoints wins. Start/Finish at White Pines, no mandatory down time,come and go as you please, LONG mandatory gear list, We will have a light charging station.

So did you get that? Thirty-Six hours in Pisgah in February. Sounds just like the ski vacation I took last year about this time right? Ok, maybe not. It doesn’t matter because Dennis Kuntz and I are making up “Team Safety First.”

So last night I threw the road slicks on the Monkey and pedaled up to Paris and back. About two miles from my house is a quick little downhill that had me spun out on the 32 X 15. (I would guess I was right over 30 mph) I hear some barking and look to my right, what do I see but the fastest sprinting dog in Travelers Rest. This dog was FLYING! He out ran me in the grass and then he was satisfied. You can tell this good boy has been trained by thousands of F150’s flying at 45 mph down the 30 mph road. He is fast, doesn’t want to bite you, he just wants to race.

Other than that, there is really nothing to note. Except that when cars cut you off right in front of a red light that you are pulling up to, it is fun to turn my LED’s to “Retina Burn” level and shine the light right at the driver till the light turns green. So my suggestion to you, don’t cut me off and try to nudge me out of the lane if I have a high powered retina burner on my head.


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