Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Not dressing, cross racing. Some folks in GreenVegas are holding a cross race. I have never tried racing cross before but I figure it will be like most races. It will hurt. So I plan to go and hurt.

I am thinking the Nevegals might be overkill for a grass course with little to no mud and a couple barriers so I will probably throw on some sort of cross'ier tire and hope for the best.

Some of us are going to be throwing down a practice this Friday @ 5:30. So anybody got any tips on how to win my first cross race on a Single Speed mountain bike?

Here are the deatails for the race, we are meeting at the same venue for practice this Friday:

Additional Races: If a racer is eligible to race more
than one race and wishes to do so the entry fee for
the second race is $10. The entry fee for the first
race is the amount of the more expensive race if

Note: Racers may participate with a one-day
license available on site ($10) or with a current
USCF or NORBA annual license ($60). Annual
licenses may be purchased online at www.
usacycling.org or onsite. Registration closes 15
minutes before the start of each race. Warm up
will be permitted on the course only between
events at the official’s discretion and only after
waiver has been signed. Race is held rain or shine.
Helmets must be worn at all times while riding bike.
END MUST BE REMOVED. The promoter reserves
the right to combine categories and or prizes due
to attendance. Categories races under 5 racers will
be combined. All U18 riders with a CX1,CX2 license
must race the CX1,CX2 race. All U23 riders with a
CX3 license must race CX3.

Directions: Westside Aquatic Center address is
2700 West Blue Ridge Drive (253), Greenville, SC.
Head North on 1-85, take exit 44 for US-25 North,
Turn left at US-25 / White Horse Road (go 5.1 miles),
Turn right on West Blue Ridge Drive, West Side
Aquatic is on your left. From NC (Asheville): Take
1-26 South, take exit 54 to merge into US-25, take
US-25 into Downtown Greenville (US-25 Turns into
White Horse Road), Turn left at West Blue Ridge
Drive (253), West Side Aquatic is on your left.


Clint said...

Here's a link to the race flyer:


Team LandRover said...

Tips for doing well:
If you want to win, just try to go faster than everyone else.
And to go faster than everyone else, you just have to get to the line first.
But in all seriousness, I did a cross race on the MTB last month, the benefit is you can jump the barriers. stick