Monday, November 05, 2007

Have You Laughed At Me Lately?

Its six O’clock Sunday morning and my alarm is going off in the living room on my cell phone. Kristin and I had been out watching the South Carolina game late Saturday night. I am groggy and I can’t see in the darkness as I walk down the hallway headed to turn that beast of a machine off so I can go back to bed. Then as I turn on the light I feel the squish of warm poo between my toes. Shade has taken a healthy dump on my rug, so now I am walking toes up in the air, heel down as to not spread the mess and headed for the phone. As I pick up the phone and turn the alarm off, I look over to see Shade pissing all over my rug right in front of me. Ahhhhhhh beautiful day.

Kristin and I headed out to Paris Mountain State Park later in the morning. I headed up to find the small group working on the trails as Kristin was walking the dog. I was flying down the new trail about to meet up with the trail crew when I had an unusual fall. I haven’t fallen much lately on the bike and I was just cruising the corners when the new trail fell right out from under my tires. Incredibly my bike went to the left side of a tree as I did a “Pete Rose” headed for home plate on the right side of the tree.

Working out at Paris is tough. The grade is super steep and we don’t have a machine to help anymore. I was shamed by the SORBA group as I didn’t have much time to work.

That’s it, not much biking this weekend. Everyone will be happy to note that the dog and I were much happier this morning as he waited to do his business outside.


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Anonymous said...

Hey fool!

You're supposed to run over it with your bike not mash it with your feet! Haven't you learned anything from riding at Dupont??