Monday, December 03, 2007

A Second Home

Most of my riding time has been spent at Dupont lately. It is just the best option for me right now as it is close to my house. Saturday we had a good group of Andrew, Pisgah Pro, Chuck and myself. Jamie was out and about on the ride but he told us he was out for a short loop.

Kristin was out on a hike with Shade so that meant I had a time schedule to keep. I am not very good at keeping time schedules lately. Our ultimate route:

Fawn Lake, Reasonover, Lake Julia, Camp Summit Road, Airstrip, Mine Mountain, Laurel Ridge, Corn Mill Shoals, Burnt Mountain, Nooks, Burnt Mountain, Corn Mill Shoals, Longside, Rock Quarry Road, Buckhorn Creek Road, Cannon Creek Trail (out and back) Buckhorn Creek Road, Buck Ridge Road, Micajah, Wilkie, Corn Mill Shoals, Shoals, Laurel Ridge, Airstrip, Fawn Lake

About halfway through the ride Eric asks me “What route have we gone so far?” After I rattled off the first five intersections he said “Ok, you are going to have to email that to me.” Just because I like tooting my own kazoo, I never had to look at a map.

It was another great day in the woods and we got to ride the newly re-routed Burnt Mountain. This trail is one of the most highly regarded in all of Dupont.

It is always a treat having people who don’t know where they are going ride along with you in Dupont. The intersections come by so fast that if you keep things moving most people won’t have a clue where they are after a few turns even though you are only a few miles into the ride.

I always seem to forget how much there is to play on at Dupont too. I always recognize it more when I am riding with somebody on my tail. Here is a list of the technical features we passed on Saturday:

Log ride on Reasonover
Log Step up on Reasonover
Bridge steps on Reasonover
Cruised right by the big tree at the intersection of Mine Mountain and Laurel Ridge
I noticed another obscure log ride on Laurel that I have yet to ride.
Two Rock steps on Laurel Ridge
Rock Huck on Corn Mill Shoals (didn’t hit this one either)
Wall Ride on Corn Mill shoals, Nailed it!
Creek crossing both ways!
Rock Huck on Burnt Mountain (too high for me)

There are probably some that I missed as well. If you make it a point to master these moves, it will improve your riding.

Most of the ride on Saturday was typical with big smiles and some out of breath moments. Andrew was hammering it up the climbs and Eric was flying on the rocky downhills. Andrew had a “confession of the big wheels” coming down the top of Micajah. It is always great to see another soul enjoy the 29’er lifestyle. You are definitely “out of the norm” if you ride 26 inches in our group. Not that there is anything wrong with 3 less inches. . .

Burnt Mountain and Nooks trails have recently been re-routed. Nooks is nothing but a flowing lollipop loop now. Burnt has changed flavors quite a bit but it is better than ever. The first downhill leading to the climb now has a bunch of optional table tops and doubles that just plain rock. Eric and I both exclained that it was the first time we had “cleaned” a jump like that in a long time, they are set up absolutely perfect. There were also some wall rides and banks that were added. Right before the initial climb there is another banked corner that is not finished yet but when it is, it will be a strong kick to the beginning of the climb.

The climb is now extended and rolling instead of rutted. The downhill starts in the same spot but extends out to the riders left and weaves around some awesome rock formations. Just when you think it is ending the new section sends you soaring back toward the triple huck water bar, water bar, rock drop. Eric went flying off the hucks as I negotiated them as step downs. The bottom section after that is all the same.

After everyone exclaimed their excitement about Burnt we headed all the way up to Rich Mountain Road for some true single track. I knew no one knew where we were when we were standing there. When I told them all it was the furthest point from the car and we were headed back now. . . It was great.

Sunday’s ride was painful as I had not recovered well from Saturday at all. We had a big group and a big time. Ridgeline now goes on forever and is a fantastic downhill with a sweet skinny log ride and plenty of alternate lines.



Anonymous said...

What no photos? lame

We Need to get Eric convinced to create another event in his ever expanding PisgahProductions realm, a Hundred Mile Race in Dupont ! you plan the route, i do that art!!

he already has a Spring, Fall and now Winter Race, complete the 4 seasons by a summer DSF100!


Pisgah Productions said...

Dude... I'm speechless. DuPont Rocks.

Palmetto Solo said...

Dammit I've got to get up with you folks for a real mtb ride.