Thursday, December 06, 2007

Baby Cross

Its the busy season again and last night I had to cancel on the Dupont ride. Stinks, but it is the way of life right?

First I would like to say CONGRATS to my best friends back at home Shana and Michael for giving birth to Wyatt (man I hope that is spelled right) yesterday morning!!! Soon I will be making the trip back home for Christmas and I will get to meet the little tike, I can’t wait.

Ok so back to business here. I figured that since I didn’t make the normal night ride last night I would go try and see if any of the Cross freaks were out and about. I rolled up at dusk and found Mark loading up his gear. As soon as he saw me, he put his Camel Bak back on to show me the course, thanks Mark.

The course is going to be much better than I ever thought. I have never been to a cross race but it seems kind of long. The west side Aquatic center has a lot of land and a lot of steeeeeep hills. The course runs sideways along the hills to create some pretty sketchy off camber downhills. If it were raining, it would be awesome for spectators. However it looks like those ideal conditions will have to wait for next time.

If you don’t want to race, you should still come out and spectate. I hear cross is a great spectator sport as you will see a lot of carnage and action without having to run around like a normal mountain bike race. Plus the pain in people’s faces should be worth the trip.

I think it will suit a mountain bike just fine. I am going to stick a 32X19 on the bike and just pedal as hard as I can. If I can’t make it up a hill I am going to get off and hoof it. There are some flats and I don't want to be spinnign my ass off watching everyone take off without me. We will see how many gearie crossers I can beat! I have not raced since Fool's Gold. . .

See you all on Saturday.


allan said...

Good luckgq

Bo said...

"We will see how many gearie crossers I can beat!"

You beat me . . . way to race.
Good times.

Anonymous said...

good stuff Tomato, you were kickin' it out there
got some great shots over on the flickr acct.