Thursday, December 27, 2007


It is that time of the year when everything seems to reflect. It doesn’t really matter what direction you reflect, just as long as you do so. Often times we are spending time with the family, friends and loved ones. I separate those three for obvious reasons but hopefully they are all encompassing 8-) Unless your having an “Uncle Earl’s” Christmas.

So in keeping with this and the biking theme I will reflect and prospect in this post. It has been over 15 months now that I have been solely riding a rigid single speed bike in the mountains and I haven’t died or broken the bike yet. I broke one rigid fork from my sweat but that is bound to happen with me as I don’t carry a proper sweat rag. That’s what we simpletons call it anyway.

Last year at this time I was telling myself that I would only ride the single speed until the summer. Well 2007 is almost over and I haven’t used a shifter the entire year. As I looked through January 2007’s posts I can still remember the New Year’s pre-ride to Wilson’s. That was a great day. I had never been there and a big group of us romped it hard in the woods. That was definitely one of my favorites. You just can’t beat the mountains in the winter, summer, spring or fall.

Checking out February makes me sad as I won’t be skiing this year but I will have TMHTE to fill my head with visions of cold, pain and suffering. I will be attending the Icycle again this year and I am looking forward to it! That was one of the best parties all year last year. Some of our good friends won’t be attending but we will keep them in our cogs.

As I look at March I realize that the Wednesday night Dupont rides have almost been going on for a year now. That has been a HUGE success and I now I can officially call those riders my friends. It takes a good group of semi-talented, nut-job, psychopathic, bunch of crazies to want to continue that ride. I hope it lasts for years to come.

Ahhhhhhhhh April, the gathering. . . I remember being on a ride where I fell so hard on Horse Cove that I had the ghost look for the rest of the day. Just as I thought the day might never end Broussard went hopping through the woods screaming BEER BEER. It was unbelievable as he spotted two 24 oz Highland Oatmeal Porter’s in the woods. We drank one and then D-Kuntz rode down Bennett Gap with one in his bottle cage. Is there anything more that needs to be said about April? I think not. Well actually April was the month of the Pisgah contact stealer. I lost three contacts on rides that month.

Early May was PMBAR, the greatest mountain bike race on earth. It was the second year for Team Trippin’ on Lactic Acid and we had a great time. We will be looking forward to it again this year.

June always consists of National Trails day and to keep with the theme of prospecting, I think we need to get on the ball with UpState SORBA and either join another group or organize our own trails day. We worked on Wolf Branch in Bent Creek last year and that was the last time I was in Bent Creek. June also brought on my second solo 12 hour race of my lengthy career. The good ole HotBell, ooops I mean Cowbell. I dedicated the race to my late Grandfather and tried my best. Ultimately I was 13/44. Some day I am going to hit the 100 mile mark in 12 hours. . . Maybe I should try a flatter course on a day with temps below 100 degrees.

Its getting hot now as I reflect on July. I really am not a good hot weather rider. I sweat slightly more than the average rider so fluid and electrolyte consumption is my number one goal at this point in the season. July also brought our second big work day of the year at Dupont. This was when we rock armored Big Rock. July also brought the NORAMM tradition along with our initial push to create an UpState SORBA chapter.

August was momentous for multiple reasons. Our chapter of SORBA was accepted at the BOD meeting and we officially became a chapter! We introduced a lot of new people to mountain biking through our advertising of an advocacy group and I think it has changed their lives for the better. That’s something to be proud of. August is emotional in my mind as well because I had the best race of my life to date at the Fool’s Gold. I was able to unveil my X-treme tomato logo, attack of the kilter hornets started in Pisgah and we had another couple trail work days.

September was huge on a personal level as I struggled to find a house and succeeded. This year was a great one on the personal level for me as well. I struggled through some of life’s decisions and came out on top, which was tough at times. In September, I moved into a new house, rode the Old Toll road for the first time and I took my second longest road bike ride. I missed my goal to complete the SM-100 but I can deal. . .

October was the double dare after moving into my house while I was sick as a dog. The double dare ended up being insane even though we didn’t “complete” the race. October also brought our happy little Pup Shade into our lives. It has only been a little over two months but man I love the guy. A better dog couldn’t have fallen out of the sky.

November was just another one in the books. One of the funniest stories on the blog this year is in November entitled “Have you laughed at me lately?” as I describe some house training incidents. Good birthday mojo with rides and Pops helping with much needed chores on the house.

As I look back through the posts I have made in 2007, I realize how much I love this little online diary I have created for myself. I try to keep it light and entertaining for the most part. This is more for me than anyone else anyway. It is great to go back and read all the adventures I have had over the past year. Now is always a good time to say where I am headed in 2008 but I am not really concerned with things like that as always. If there is anything that 2007 has taught me it is that life changes and you must change and adapt along with it. I hope everyone is ready for 2008’s changes, I am sure it is bound to be a great year!


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Stephen said...

Hey, I hate to do this, but I'm bailing on Saturday's ride, my parents are picking my kid up for the weekend, and it would be wrong to leave my wife by herself at home. I'd love to ride another time, thanks,Stephen