Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Since somebody coined the phrase, well actually he wasn’t the first to call me that but TeamDicky was probably the first to make it stick. So you have to roll with what you got. I asked the very talented Lezlee Elliott to make me an extreme tomato riding a bike down a steep grade. When I asked her to do this, she looked at me like I was crazy. I am quite pleased as this is the first draft. Hopefully Lezlee will work with me on a couple tweaks I want to make but overall, this is exactly what I envisioned. Oh geez, if she only knew how this has added to my week. Just in time for the Fool’s Gold too! THANKS Lezlee!!!!!
No one is allowed to duplicate, replicate, save, re-distribute this picture without my express permission. If I find this picture being used on any other websites without my permission. I will come castsup on you. I know how you photoshop people work.

SORBA ride tonight at Paris.

First lot on the right @ 6:00.


Dave said...

Pretty sharp. When are the t-shirts going on-sale? Will everyone in the Wed nite crowd get a cartoon persona?


namrita o'dea said...

lol. that's great.

see you this weekend :)

1SpeedBrian said...

When people are told not to do things they are sure to push the limits:
[img] http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p76/1SpeedBrian29/ORANGE.jpg [/img]

ExtrmTao said...


Sweet, now I will be able to add a black sheep to my collection of mountain bikes too.

You all are going down 8-)

Palmetto Solo said...

Is that a puff of extreme gas coming from the rear of the tomatoe or is the afterburner kicing in? Possibly too many burritos and te-kill-ya shots.

1SpeedBrian said...
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Anonymous said...

My bet is that this is a tester for a new tattoo. 8^D


Dicky said...

Lycopene is good for your prostate.

Thomas Gaines said...

do extreme tomato's cause worse gas than regular tomatos? cause that poof looks fartilicious (sp?).
Not only do I know how to spell that, I'm not even sure what it even means, but the poof is curious.