Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not Happening

I am not going to Shenandoah to pick up my pride out of the gravel where I laid down last year dry heaving and hoping a monster truck would come run me over. I said that if I “had a good showing at Fool’s Gold” I would go ride the 100.

I had a good showing, didn’t find any gold for me or my fools but I still don’t want to go to Shenandoah. Everybody always wants to know why so I will try to explain. I love mountain biking in the fall. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. You can camp without corrosively sweating, most people can ride without sweating but not me, I don’t have any allergies in the fall and it is generally just a fantastic way to go out and see the big views in my favorite place, Pisgah.

So what does that have to do with racing right? Well, everything you see, now that I am done with the Fool’s I am still super excited about riding my bike this week. I have stated before and will state again that I am in general an outdoor enthusiast who seeks to fulfill those needs through mountain biking. I know that if I go to the SM-100 that there is the big possibility that I will come back not wanting to ride my bike during my favorite season.

I have confirmed that Joe and I will be liberally participating in the Double Beer. Oooops, I mean Double Dare. This is the “honorary invite” race that banks of the Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race. Joe and I qualified for the Double Dare last year by finishing PMBAR but we were both too burnt out to try it. Plus you can’t really avoid anything that is advertised as “Really funking hard special tests” now can you.

So we will be supporting Pisgah extraordinaire Eric by attempting his double dare. I see your Double Beer and I raise you two kegs.

Nice SORBA ride last night. We had about nine people show up for the ride. I have been getting quite a few requests for “how do I do this” and “how can I fix this.” I am not too good with the fixing but I will try to work up or find some general tutorials on negotiating trail features.

Don’t forget about the Thursday night SORBA meeting in Cleveland Park at 6:30.


The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

Awesome Job at the Fools Gold Mater in getting that top ten. Your tenacity has shown through. Can't blame you on Shennandoah, Rather enjoy the season then hate the bike. Lets do a Damascus trip soon. Only 2 hrs away , easy day trip and freakin awesome trails.

Dicky said...

You suck.
See you at "some other thing" in October maybe.