Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stick Arms and X-treme Gas

My camera’s battery died early last night, so all you get are three crappy shots. That’s better than no shots though right? It is good to know that I can publish crap along with the rest of the journalist world. Ha now I am even more of a comedian because I called myself a journalist.

Besides my attempt to severe my pinky from my hand last night, the ride was just a nice easy spin around Paris. Good times with good people.

So the Fool’s Gold is upon us. I am really excited about this festival. Beer drinking, bands, good food, did somebody say that there is a race? Huh, that should make for some good fun too right. Did you know that you can see who is racing and who is bunking with you? We have a good cabin line up with Allan, Harvey, Rebecca and some others that I am sure I will get to know.

I am excited to ride the GA trail system as I will have never set a tire on any of the 50 miles that I will ride on Saturday. The nice cool temps should keep things pleasurable too.

Unfortunately, I will be running my Surly Karate Monkey fork on my bike. It seems as if my extra sweatiness can corrode steal now. Yes I sweat so bad, that I was actually able to render my Walt Works fork useless after less than 7 months, quite amazing really.

Luckily Walt is a cool guy and we worked up a deal to build me a new one. He is going to do his best to make this next one as sweaty-ass proof as possible. I can’t wait to have it in my hands as the Surly is quite non-compliant. Oh well, maybe I will “shape up” a little since Lezlee obviously thinks I have no muscles in my arms whatsoever.


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daddyo said...

Well, I guess we know what one of the slight modificaions to the tomato will be ...