Monday, August 06, 2007


That is what the temperature read when we went to dinner Sunday night at 5:30pm.

The Drunken Monkey came back from the spa with her pedicure expertly crafted. She is ready to ride even though her front end has taken some little blue pills as I am running the SURLY fork again. That’s another story that I will write about once I have all the answers.

I met up with Joe on Saturday for a spin around Harbison State Park. Is there any place in the southeast that isn’t under a drought? We started off riding around Lost Creek and my warm up came slowly as it had been six days since I rode last.

From there we continued the outer loop including Spider Woman but my legs weren’t having any of it.

Sunday Joe and I met up with a group from Charleston to show them around Harbison. After 6 – 7 (I can’t remember why I don’t remember how many) tequila shots on Saturday night, I was ready to push hard.

Eventually we had about 11 people headed out onto the trails. We started with a nice warm-up on the outer loop and went immediately back to Spider Woman again. This is such a great trail but it is so punishing at the same time. I couldn’t get over the fear of popping my Achilles out of my knee going up Inner Woman so I just found a spot on the backside to catch some pictures.

I found a spot that felt like a tin box in the middle of the forest. I could hardly even force myself to wait out the group coming down. If Hell is that hot I won’t have to worry about lasting long.


jpelton said...

That first photo rocks!!!
I vote for it on the Harbison link.
Just my $.02.

Joel Watson said...

that first photo describes the reason I was smiling... that banked turn on the Tail-End of Inner Woman was so fine...

thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said...

that is a kickass photo of joe! know exactly where you were shooting from on the trail! very cool!