Friday, August 31, 2007

Not Quite Gone

I had some questions about all my bike stuff but nobody has offered to buy yet. It goes on Ebay this weekend so get your offer in if you want it.

Fun stuff in Greenville this weekend with the dopers (just kidding George) racing around town. You guys do know George reads this right?

Ride on Monday, up the Old Toll Road and down Heartbreak. I have only ridden Heartbreak 3 times in my life and two of those were during ORAMM. I can't wait. Get a hold of me if you want in.

Have a great weekend.


cmoore75 said...

What's up man, I probably don't have the money to buy either one but let me know what you want for the fork and the wheelset.


allan said...

ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!! I need a new job. One that gives me off on holidays. Have a fun weekend.

thad said...

I"ve never gotten to ride Heartbreak outside of 3 ORAMM escapades. Lemme know how it rides when you haven't been beated up and battered just getting there.

Rode it rigid for the first time this year and it's either I've gotten better, it's gotten easier, or I just don't brake now on the rigid cuz it hurts too, but I had blast down it and Kitsuma this year, whereas the previous 2 years I kinda dreaded them.

Enjoy the weekend.