Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Saltwater Conditions

Apparently my sweat can be one of the most corrosive products on the earth. I will reveal more on that situation at a later date.

I took off from my house to meet the UpState-SORBA group last night. I knew it would be hot, but I have to do something to get ready for riding with a bunch of fools. I think this race will be harder for the volunteers.

Once I made it to the park, Steve, Charlotte, Cliff and Sharron came rolling in ready to ride. I was surprised as I thought the heat might fend some people off.

Cliff, Sharron and I left Steve and Charlotte to their own devices as we had a goal to make it to the back lake yesterday. There were a surprising number of people out and a bunch of people are starting to take note of us “forming a group and riding often” which is really great. To have a core group of riders that people can relate to is the best way to promote the organization.

The ride was a good one. I felt strong and I was able to push myself pretty hard on some hills. I would almost call them “intervals” if I believed in training.

At the bottom of Brissy Ridge, I saw a guy walking his bike and knew he was with a large group of fellas because I had watched them ride down Brissy as I waited for the rest of my group. He had a flat but was close to the bottom so I just rode down and informed his buddies. They already knew and there were about six of them down there. I said “nobody’s helping him?” and they responded that they had already used their spare tube. Huh, one spare tube for seven guys.

Cliff came down and I politely asked if he would mind donating a tube as I only had a beefy 29’er tube. He obliged and I coaxed the guys into coming out for the work days this weekend as payment. The seemed genuinely interested in the group.

From there we rode back to the cars and had a great ride altogether. I took off for the ride home and it hurt riding the steeps on the way back. I guess I got in around 30 last night. A good wake up call for the legs.

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