Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Strange People

Well, it is official: http://55nine.blogspot.com/2007/08/fools-gold-100-50-mountain-bike-race.html

I am officially down as tenth and if the times are accurate I was less than an hour away from first. I am pleased.

SORBA ride tonight!!
6:00 @ the first lot

Why is that so exciting? We are official baby, yahhhhhh. That is so sweet. A huge congrats to everyone that helped make this happen. Now if you are reading this in Greenville and aren’t a SORBA member, I am coming for you!

So I have a funny little story to help you with your Tuesday. Last night I thought I would recover by heading out for a “few” beers and some pizza. Well Barley’s was closed for some strange twilight zone reason and I had to settle with the crap beer they serve at Wild Wings. I was tired and not in the mood to talk to anyone, so of course some dude drinking water at the bar starts up a conversation with these exact words “Are you from here?” I said “No, I am from Indiana.” Hoping that would shut him up. Well, after a few moments of me staring anywhere but his general direction, he says “Are we in Spartanburg or Greenville?” Ummmmmmm yah don’t talk to me anymore.

So he left and after I got over my mood and had some food. A nice fellow that paints cars at BMW and I started chatting and got a little too rambunctious with shots. That doesn’t matter as I am digressing, well in walks Mr IdontknowwhatcityIamin with a big box of “stuff” that he has the bartender put behind the bar for him and he tells the bartender to buy me a beer and then proceeds to hand the bartender a crisp hundred and walks to the bathroom.

The bartender pulls out his magic counterfeit pen, marks the bill, looks at me and says “Well it is real.”

That’s all I have to say about that.


namrita o'dea said...

You're actually 9th ;)

BTW- check was mailed today.

bentcrank said...

hey now, what is wrong with Indiana??

Good job on the 100!!

Coagulator said...

Great blog site!
So you're actually 9th. That's cool! What happened, somebody get disqualified for exceeding the legal limit of 'RAPIDADE'? There should have been an award for the two riders crazy enough to admit they liked it.
Wild story about #102. I was sure you guys would find out that he was at home or at a bar. Must be a time warp in dem thar woods. Before you cross the creek, its Now. The instant you cross, its four hours later.
The rider that I went looking for got some bad advice. He came up from the flatlands and somebody told him " . . . Singlespeed? Sure, you'll be fine." Course I guess he doesn't get much sympathy from your rock-munching self.

Hi to K-
Thanks for the beers!
Take care,