Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dirty Dirty Spam

Good ride last night at Dupont. We explored some new trails and found some gems. I am not ready to spill the beans quite yet, some more exploring needs to be done first. It is amazing that I have been riding out there for over 4 years now and there are still one or two trails I have yet to set treads on.

I will be moving soon and I don’t want to drag a bunch of crap with me. I am going to try and sell some stuff locally but otherwise it is all going on Ebay. I will get some pictures up over the next few days. Here is a list:

Cake I DLX frame and shock: The frame has < 100 miles on it and the rear shock is a brand new replacement I received from the factory. I also have the Fox Float (0 miles since it was re-built by Fox) that goes on the front. If anyone wants all three components, I will cut them a deal. Contact me at extrmtao at hotmail if you are interested.

I also have a Mavic Crossride 26” wheel set that I can either sell with the bike or separately. I am not selling a complete bike because the drive train is crap and I have swapped out parts for my other bikes.

I have some carbon riser mountain bike bars that are brand new in the box as well.

If your interested, let me know, otherwise I am throwing it all on MTBR or Ebay by the end of this week.

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