Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SORBA Picture Dump

Somtimes people are so scared of me, they reach for the sky as soon as I point anything at them.

Gildas (God I hope I spelled that right) Says "Why do you crouch on the ground instead of riding your bike. . . "

This picture is from Sunday, Kristin doesn't realize it but I was making her practice her cross skillz. She is going to kill everybody on the five speed.

Stephanie (again I hope I am spelling names right) helps me show off my camera skills.

Me coming off the big rock on the tech. Thanks for the picture Paul! Shortly after this picture Paul took flight 1305 service to the ditch via a bridge. He hit pretty hard after a good six foot fall from the bridge. His thumb was pretty black but otherwise he was intact.
Cliff shows us how to negotiate the step down.
Paul, while he was still following the proper flight itenerary.
Cliff is either hungry or scared, not sure which.

Charlotte is a trooper, always smiles even when climbing the steeps.

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