Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Three years ago, I moved to Greenville and raced the ORAMM. Not in the same day but the move and race were only separated by a measly 12 hours. My life has been a downhill addiction of endurance mountain biking every since.

I am not a GDR, CTR, TR, BC or KTR racer but I have noticed that my addiction grows steadily each and every day.

So once again the ORAMM rolls around and I am sure this year will be a big hit as always. If you are not racing this race but still want to participate in a great day of mountain biking on Saturday, come join us at 8:30 at North Mills River.

Last year I took a full 40 minutes off my time and completed the ORAMM in 9 hours 5 minutes. One will never know what my time coulda woulda shoulda. I think I like it better that way.

I thought I had found a replacement in the Xterra dirt triathlon series but I have since decided against racing the triathlon. The great thing about being me is that I can change my mind whenever I want. I have decided to focus on my main goal of the year, completing the SM-100.

I also changed my mind about the Fool’s Gold. Kristin will be volunteering but since I heard though the grapevine that they were limiting the number of paid volunteers, I decided to race the 50 mile option as a warm-up to Shenandoah. I figured someone else less fortunate should take advantage of the free festival volunteer day. Volunteering for a race like this is very rewarding and I was looking forward to it but racing is just as good.

I really wanted to go into a stent about how wonderful these events are for the volunteers and such but I am not, so there. Let's just say it is as rewarding as trail work and you should get out there and do it sometime. Plus how much fun is it to watch people suffer while you get to laugh and cut up orange slices for them? A ton!

So I am trying hard to find my motivation to “train” again for the Shenandoah 100. Last night I wanted to make the ride out to Paris and back but the weather didn’t cooperate so I ran instead.

Hopefully tonight will be different as we are headed to Dupont.

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The Goat said...

I'm down with a NORAMM. I'm gonna try to be at NMC at 7am. Ride Trace and Spencer before hand. Then meet you knuckleheads for the sweetest descent in Pisgah. May have to take off earley. Ye been warned.