Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cutting Corridor

Long time reader, first time poster. Whooops, things ran a little rye recently on the bike front and the Drunken Monkey is going to need some time at the spa before she can be ridden again.

This past Saturday I showed up for a half day of trail work out at Paris Mountain. The trail that we worked on will connect the top half of Sulphur Springs with Brissy Ridge. It is going to be a sweet trail. I really enjoyed the work as we were cutting down anything that stood in the way of the new trails so the ditch witch could come through and cut into the side slope of the mountain. There are some steep sections out there. I think I fell close to five times cutting down trees and ripping mountain laurel from the ground. The rain helped us stay cool but didn’t help with the footing.

Sunday Broussard, David Cook and I all hit up Croft in Spartanburg. We got in about 20 miles at a brisk humid pace. That trail really takes its toll with the rigid bike. I got in front of Broussard and Dave at one point and tried to keep from slowing them down too badly. Basically I lit my entire book of matches in two miles and had nothing left for awhile after that.

After our tour of Croft, we came out to the parking lot and saw Allan, BradO and Jay suiting up. They all commented on the fact that it was a nice day until they looked at me. You see I am a sweater. Not like a cardigan or a pull-over, I mean I perspire like no other human I have ever met. They figured I had jumped in a creek or . . . no way could that only be sweat.

Well we went back out for a short loop around the whudaho, Idaho trail. That trail is great fun. I have a short video that I will post later this week. Then we had to part ways as we were hearing the siren’s call of our beer in Cook’s truck.

When we got back to the truck I noticed my shoes were squeaking as though I had crossed the river a few times, I hadn’t. I took off my shoes and I was able to pour out a half cup of sweat from each shoe. I have a lot of work to do before Fool’s Gold and I won’t be able to ride this week, yikes! Thank the bike gods I didn’t sign up for the hundred.

Looks like trail running will be the sport of the week until I can get the Monkey back from the spa.

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Thad said...

We too, are sweaters.

My buddy Doug and I rode Bear Creek/Pinhoti in NWGA Sunday, our warm up lap had us drenched. A steady stream of sweat cascaded down my forehead from my helmet. Sogginess engulfed. We weren't sure if it was all sweat or if the 90% humidity had us swimming through the air.

Great riding though. Good luck at the Fools Gold!