Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SORBA Adventures

Yesterday when I went home for lunch I made the decision to ride out to Paris Mountain for our SORBA meeting.

I turned on the news for a second when I got home to check the weather. There were severe thunderstorm warnings west of Greenville.

I had a 32X19 that I had thrown on the bike during lunch. I wanted to make haste heading to and from the park. About halfway to the park I could see the rain pounding the city about a ½ mile to my west. I took shelter under an awning on a building and ate my sandwich while watching the rain come down in droves.

It quickly let up and I was back on my way through some standing water on the road. When I arrived at the picnic shelter, Cass was there talking with Andrew and somehow she had lost the Stick on their way to the Park. They had been caught in the storm too.

The meeting was productive. We elected interim officers for President, Vice President and Secretary. Thanks for the volunteers!

We agreed upon the name being Upstate SORBA. Never are we allowed to abbreviate our name as to avoid confusion of us being US-SORBA which does cause a little confusion.

Thanks to Rick and Chris Foreman we also have two trails at Issaqueena to work on. They have already been approved thanks to Cyber Spinners.

We realized that during the National Trails Day we logged 40 hours of trail work. We will also be able to log our time out at Dupont this weekend. So when we present ourselves in front of the Board of Directors this August, we will not have broken a Pint or Quart in our carriage. They will have no other option but to welcome us with open arms.

We also established our next meeting time and place:

July 24th at Paris Mountain’s first picnic shelter on your right

We will be going over our own By-Laws (careful that link is a PDF) and making sure everything is aligned for the August meeting.

After that we went for a ride, it was a little wet but not bad enough to cancel our ride. Andrew and I discussed the trails and whether or not we were being bad examples riding the trails after a rain. I have to admit, I was a little weary but it ended up being ok except for some standing water in a couple spots.

We had a first time rider on the ride! How cool is that. He was stoked after the ride too! I think the atmosphere and vibe among the group is strong. I look forward to being a part of this organization.

BrouSSard and I broke off from the group at the top of the mountain as we were looking for short rides and I had to ride home still. We eased our way down the techy section of Sulphur Springs and then Mountain Creek back to the lot.

I stole one of BradO’s flying dog’s, (thanks Brad!) chatted it up for a minute and took off so I could make it home before dark. It took some grunting, spitting and a few moments of true pain to make it but I pulled up to my door just as dusk was settling her last rays.

Great night and thanks to all who came out! We are going to have a great group!


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