Tuesday, July 24, 2007


First off I have an announcement. E-Designs is proud to announce the release of Harrells Bicycle World’s world wide web presence. In my opinion, the coolest functionality on this website is the local riding page. We have all the local areas listed out with directions, maps and interactive weather for real time updates on my favorite riding spots.

Next, don’t forget that another Upstate SORBA meeting is tonight:

Paris Mountain @ 6:30
Meet at the first parking area on the right under the shelter.
With time permitting, we will ride after the meeting.
The infamous Ty Houck will be on hand to promote the upcoming trail work days at Paris.

Check out the two videos from this weekend, sorry for the poor quality:

Our group goes jungle fever style.
David George showing off his mad skillz.

I have been running more than usual to fill in my biking lapses. I have been running anywhere from 2 – 3 times a week. Normally I just do a loop around town that involves somewhere between 3 – 4 miles. Since I run on a combination of greenways, local dirt paths and road, I can’t really map out the mileage. Nor do I want to because then everyone would realize how much I embellished the mileage.

Due to the nice weather and extra motivation, I finally had a “good run” last night. I felt as though I kept a decent pace on the flats and was able to attack the hills and recover much quicker than I have in weeks past. The last couple weeks had been a real struggle for me, once I attacked the first two hills I lost my motivation completely and even walked to recover a little. This had to do with heat and a general lack of motivation.

The hill attacks really help with my breathing and stabilizing my heart rate on and off the bike. This is a good thing because when I am attacking a long climb on the single speed, such as Laurel Mountain, I normally have the same issues. I have to attack the steep sections to make sure I can stay on the bike and recover in the flatter sections.

The great thing about my running route is that I can run on the grass or dirt 60% of the time. I would rather run on single-track as it takes your mind off of the mundane activity of putting one foot in front of the other. It is also much easier on the knees.

The clock is quickly ticking away. Fool's Gold will be here before we know it.

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kje said...

Hey - Thanks for the shout, but more importantly thanks for your work on the content of the site.

Turned out great!