Thursday, September 14, 2006

Well . . .

I don't have anymore pictures from vacation yet so those posts will have to wait.

Back to bike business. I am planning on mostly riding the SS this winter but I know that I will feel the need to cruise around on the CAKE every now and then too. That means some adjusting needs to be done. Since I have a slight tendency to break things I have moved to a 21" frame from my 19" on the CAKE. I thought this was going to be very awkward but it wasn't bad. However the stem length is too long and I find myself reaching for the handlebars. That is going to be corrected ASAP.

So for now I will be riding the Drunken Monkey. My best bud re-named my bike to Drunken Monkey. He really knows nothing about bikes but something about nicknames so I will let the name stick. I am still working out my gearing a bit on the bike. For now a good cross country gear seems to be 32X19. This is a good gear for Harbison, Manchester and FATS. However now I need to work out a good gear for the mountains. I will have to either run a 32X20 or a 32X22 for this weekend's riding since those are my only other two options. I really want a 32X21 but Marshall over at endless bikes doesn't have any in stock at the moment. However he did send me the 22 and the 20 since he didn't have the 21 for me. Thanks Marshall! My ride on Saturday should dictate how I feel for Sunday. That's it for now folks. Hopefully more interesting posts later this week as I get approved vacation pictures from Kristin.

Time to go sift through two weeks of corporate email now. Yeeeeeee Hawwwwwwww.


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