Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not Exciting But Funny

So the Gathering is coming up soon. That same weekend the TFFL (Tabacco Free For Life) ride is happening as well. Both of these events are for fun, one benefits a good cause the other benefits a strong liver. I will let you figure out which one is which.

Some highlights from the weekend that I thought about. Our good buddy Russell was flying behind myself and Paul as we came upon a ginourmous mud puddle. Since I had ridden the trail lately I knew the only line was to the right. I called right side and Paul followed me through. I glanced back to see if everyone had seen/heard the call and right as I did Russell decided the good line was to bunny hop the dark mud and land on the "hard" light mud. Well unbeknownst to him it was all very sticky squishy mud. So as I looked back I saw him fly through the air only to land and make that ever so sexy "schlock schlick" sound. Yah he looked good after that. Paul got a picture but I am sure I won't see it in a while.

Well I know you all were dying for a picture and since nobody sent me any yet I posted a picture that Mr. Wooglin took while riding Dupont the same day as us. Thanks Chris! Enjoy!

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Sir Belt Buckle said...

I'll go in the shop & give Paul grief about getting the picture to ya.