Monday, September 18, 2006

One Weekend Two Rides and a Big Party

Over the weekend I found out that there might be a few readers of this blog that aren't my direct family. Huh how about that? So I will do my best to keep things entertaining for you folks. I would hate for you to be "burning the clock" with something that is un-entertaining.

Saturday I headed with a few friends up to NC. We parked at the Ranger Station off of 276 and headed out for a short ride in the Pisgah National Forest (PNF). Our route was 276 --> 477 --> Clawhammer --> Maxwell Cove --> Black Mountain --> Grassy Road --> Sycamore Cove.

This was my first single speed ride in the big mountains. It was tough in spots but worked out really nicely. It was really beautiful outside this weekend and if you weren't out there well too bad for you. Once we made it to Pressely Gap for a quick break, we started seeing some riders come from the bottom of Black Mountian. I always like to see that people still climb this section. I will only climb that section when I am forced too. (i.e. PMBAR) The last time I was at Pressley Gap was during that race. Anyway, these fellows that had just climbed Black explained to me that they were from Ontario (that's Canada) and it was there first ride in PNF. They wanted to know where we had come from and I told them. They asked if that was an easier route up. Ummmmmm yah. They were not happy. They had asked a local woman who works in Backcountry Outfitters where to go. She told them but she gave them the slightly masochistic route and they didn't think that was funny. I gave them some incentive and direction and put them on there way "A"!

The ride was great and we all had a jolly good time. From there we cruised over to the 24 Hours of Pisgah to check in on the action. Actually we just went to party. It was a great time and I saw some friends. Pitched a tent and rang my cowbell at every rider for about 3 hours.

Sunday I got up early and dropped water off for our big ride at Dupont. A good amount of riders showed up and we were off like wild beasts craving single track. Everyone laughed at my gearless self because Toby didn't show up and he was supposed to be SS'ing with me. Where were ya "Mr. I am training for the Worlds?" So as everyone's bikes made that familiar "clink chink" sound I just rolled on.

The day was great and everyone was rolling safely until I found out our new friend Dave had flatted while running tubeless. He had broken his presta valve and his only tube had a slice in it. I rode back to the group gathered up a tube and headed back. Ok it didn't happen that way exactly. This was a technical decent and in my haste to keep people from waiting I lost focus and all the sudden I wasn't holding my handle bars anymore. I looked down and my front wheel thought it was in some sort of Disco movie with John Travolta. This was bad and before I knew it I hit the dirt face first with a "uuhhhhhhhhh." As I was spitting sand, I rode back to help Dave and that was that.

The rest of the ride was great and the boys enjoyed my precise water dropedness. Thanks for all those who came out this weekend and I look forward to doing it again real soon.

The Pisgah Gathering is coming up soon. Stay tuned for details. If anyone has pictures from the weekend mail them to me and I will post them asap.


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