Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Unexpected Dirt

Got out for a unexpected SS ride yesterday. I met up with Andrew and Ty for a ride out at Paris Mountain. Ty rode a SS, so I had someone to share the pain with.

Ty is the head ranger out at Paris and does an excellent job of organizing activities, creating trail work days and keeping the users of the park happy in general. He is responsible for giving us a great place locally to ride in Greenville. Before he was ranger at the park, there was only one trail open to Mountain Bikes. Now there are 18 miles of trail, with another six on the way.

At first they started with "multiple use trails," where hikers are allowed one day and bikers another. Eventually it came to be that we are allowed to ride every day except the busy day Saturday. This is really nice because without this the closest place for singletrack is over 40 minutes away.

So I dedicate today's post to people that are in Ty's position. Forest Service representatives, rangers, trail workers and anyone else who creates the awesome network of trails that we have to ride in SC and NC.

I have met quite a few rangers in SC that also ride Mountain bikes. This helps our community out a bunch since many times bikers are considered to be reckless and cause un-necessary erosion. Luckily due to a study that IMBA published, it showed that bikes (when used properly) have the same impact to trails as hikers. Yay us!

So here is my list of people that maintain trail systems or are ambassadors of our sport.

"Ranger Bob" - Harbison State Forest
"Two guys that I should know their name but don't" - Manchester State Forest (Sumter SC)
Ty - Ranger Paris Mountain
Bill - Ambassador/TrailBuilder FATS (Clarks Hill SC)
Todd - TrailBuilder FATS (Clarks Hill SC)/NC
Navy - Marrington Plantation Charleston SC
Clemson - Issaqueena (Sorry I don't know who is responsible for most of the maintenance there)
SORBA - Pisgah National Forest/Bent Creek
DIVA - Charlotte NC

I think that's all I know off the top of my head. If you know somebody that maintains trails or is an ambassador of our sport give them a hug today and let them know that you too are a Mountain Bike Freak and you appreciate their efforts.

Tomorrow I shall be dedicating my BLOG to my best friend. Stay alert because that one will make you laugh until milk comes out your nose.



Arleigh said...

If I come to the gathering it will be for a short while before I head home. We should see.. No guarantee's. I'm living in Brevard 4 days out of the week, but home is still Charlotte for now - don't know if the family would be happy with me gone again.

jpelton said...

I would like to request a blog written about "the Zone". Pele' described it as a strange calmness,... feeling of invinciblity.
Thank you Zen Master.

ExtrmTao said...

I think I still have a spot to fill up for this week so your request shall be granted.

Team LandRover said...

Yo, sorry i didn't get back to you, but I do have a gearless bike. Its a real P.O.S. Holla at me and we'll roll to Paris early Monday/tuesday next week or something. Assuming its dry. Nick