Friday, September 22, 2006

Vacation Passion, Some Bike Stuff Too!

Kristin sent me the vacation pictures so here is the full report on our vacation.
Here are some vacation facts from our recent trip.

In two weeks on the road, no fast food restaraunt was partook.

A bunch of tolls but the Chesepeake Bay Bridge was a $12.00 dollar toll!

One Broken Bike rack:

Traveled from Greenville to Stokesville VA to Virginia Beach to D.C. to Fayateville W.VA back to Greenville.

This won't be in chronological order so that I can get you biker nutt jobs your dose before you awwwwwwwwwwww freak out!

This is the "Wright Brothers" bike. I can't remember what brother. Yes they produced bikes and sold them as a lead into flying. Pretty cool huh? It resides in the National Air and Space Museum.

These are some rockets in the Museum.

Kristin "The Angel" before dinner in D.C.

From D.C. we went rafting on the Gauley. We did the overnight trip and it was a blast. Here I am making an advertisement for them and yes that is our "chef" playing the guitar in the background.

For some reason Blogger has decided not to upload anymore images. I will try to complete the post with another post.


Sir Belt Buckle said...


Sir Belt Buckle said...

... except for the bike rack part. When you getting your new one?

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Nice hat ...