Friday, September 01, 2006

BDE One-Hundred Mile Vacation

So what is this "BDE One-Hundred Mile Vacation" you ask? Its what happens when two super geeks get together and plan a vacation.

So let's talk race news first. Any of you who think that I am a nut ball, should check out Team Dicky's site. This guy is riding his "fixie" for the race, and teeny tiny skinny tires. Don't know what a fixie is? Go check his site out you will see.

I love riding in the woods with nut jobs like these and there are going to be 400 of us! That's right folks 400 racers all hell bent on riding their bicycles 100 miles through some of VA's finest singletrack. I am elated. Heck, my body is already practicing getting up early.

Ernesto has done his best to ruin our plans but to no avail. Sure there will be a ton of rain but it will be all good come Sunday. Trust me racers if we get the kind of "aftermath weather" we had in G-vegas yesterday we are going to love it.

So how does one come up with this crazy idea of a vacation? I had an epiphany one day during my lunch hour. I realized that I could race a hundred miles and then raft one of the the greatest rivers the U.S. has to offer in the same week! My super-geek girlfriend Kristin filled in the rest. It takes two minds to come up with a plan this good.

First the race and then we are headed to bag some awesome beach time. First Landing is actually where our settlers landed! We will be setting up camp here on Monday after the race and on Tuesday we are kayaking with these folks on this trip. After a couple days on the beach, we are headed to our nation's capitol. We will be staying downtown very close to the capitol and the metro for our travel enjoyment without a car. Thursday we are going to watch "Shear Madness." Friday will be spent doing all the things a first time visitor to the District of Columbia should and then out on the town for Friday night.

Now we tie into the good stuff. Saturday we will make our leisurely trip back into the heart of the country W.VA. We will be headed to Fayatteville to celebrate the opening of Gauley season. That's right let the summersville dam open up for some of the best white water around. This trip is not for the light of heart and we did it last year. The river wanted us to know who was the boss. Trust me, this "old man river" will take your shoe and your life if you are not on top of your game. Don't worry though we are skilled in how to safely assist in our own rescue. We will be rafting with Class VI on their overnight Gauley trip.

Wow that is a vacation! So that is what happens when two awesome people that have a passion for the outdoors get together and plan plan plan. How can you have your own BDE adventure? More on that later.

Stay tuned for updates throughout our trip as WiFi allows.

Peace out for now y'all!


Sir Belt Buckle said...

Damn dude. That is gonna rock! You best get your photographer to take tons of photos. Wish you the best on the trip & some total kick-ass time on the trail.


Anonymous said...

Check this out, daily trivia questions and contests, come join in on the fun!

Sir Belt Buckle said...

Wow! How about NO!