Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"I'm just runnnnnniinnnnng"

Forest didn't even know why he went running he just did it because it was something to do. That's kind of how I feel about running. I surely will never run as far as this guy!

I did my normal loop last night through the park. Some interesting thoughts came into my head while running. There is about two miles of dirt single track in the city that I run on in this loop and while on one section I passed some local high school cross country runners. Most passed with a simple head nod or the death stare. The last fellow that I passed was quite a bit smaller than the other kids and he said "good job, good job" when I ran past. I thought that was great. Either he thought I had failed a few grades and was out running on the team with him, he was being a smart butt or he was genuinely telling me good job. Either way it doesn't really matter because I enjoyed the thoughts it produced.

While on another section of single track I ran across a bridge that I always run across but it had "slippery when wet" signs up on it yesterday. Makes me wonder who fell to get the signs up. As a mountain biker, we know how treacherous a wet bridge can be. They honestly scare the crap out of me when biking if there is no metal mesh covering. Anyway it didn't matter today because I was running full.

I actually "dabbed" on my run last night. Not the way a mountain biker would dab because that would mean that I dabbed all the way around town. However while running up some steps thinking about who knows what. Obviously I wasn't thinking about running. I missed a step and caught myself with my hand before my knee was busted.

I have had a lot of thoughts about the blog lately. It is too self consuming. Others even believe that us bloggers might be "self absorbed." Maybe that is true and that is why next week I will dedicate at least two days to blogging about someone other than myself. Anyone have any suggestions?


Dicky said...

How 'bout Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
Rock me Amadeus.

ExtrmTao said...

Could be a possibility. So could Nero. However I don't know if that would be appropriate.

ExtrmTao said...

Dicky, What are you doing on the computer anyway? Aren't you supposed to be dodging traffic? IF you can dodge a wrench you can dodge traffic.

Sir Belt Buckle said...

One would wonder why you're on when supposed to be working as well.

I think you should blog about Brian and why he's lame for not leaving BCBS.