Thursday, September 21, 2006

26" Geared content

For the first time since the SM-100, I got my CAKE ready to ride again. My position on the bike is still off since I haven't had time to make it by the shop yet but I was craving dirt and the SS has a torn sidewall in one of the tires. Therefore, I am forced to ride a full squish with gears.

I can tell you that the smaller bigger wheel size makes a big difference when rolling over obstacles. Even though one bike is suspended and the other is not, there is still a noticeable difference.

So I rode Paris Mountain last night. I almost ran directly into this guy. Or at least I think it was him.

While riding around the lake loop, I came upon a dog that didn't seem to have an owner. He barked at me and then went on his way. Where the heck was this dog's master?

Caution! A PO'd biker's comments ahead:

Apparently I am low on the food chain at Paris as well. First off I noticed that the trails are really rutted from skid marks lately. Come on people if you have to skid go out on the pavement and ruin your tires not the trail. Second of all, I came up behind some hikers and I have been extremely cautions since this email came out about rude bikers. So I quietly approached them and just as I was about to ask for a pass the gentleman saw me and he and his wife almost jumped out of there skin. They both had the look of fear in their eyes. I am positive this is from crazy bikers. Now I will be one to admit that when I go downhill I am normally moving at a decent clip. However, almost always I can come to a stop without skidding. Heck, I stopped everybody on Sunday's ride after flying around a rocky downhill at Dupont when I came upon two horses that knew I was coming but didn't notify me that they were around the corner. I still came to a controlled stop and warned the others to stop before it got dangerous.

So after I re-passed the hikers when going back up Brissy ridge I started heading up and out. Well as I was really getting in a groove climbing I looked up to see about 4 bikers headed at me. They shouted at me and yelled that they had seven guys back. Not one of them even feathered the brake. In case you don't know UPHILL RIDERS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! This is especially critical at a place like Paris where the ups are really up and the downs are really down. This ticks me off because I am sure they are the ones who are skidding and causing a bad name for us. Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest.


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Team LandRover said...

yo, he is I and I is him. Sorry I wasn't much for conversation on the trail, but I've been pressed for time this week, so I was busy trying to get some miles in and passing on chatting with everyone I saw out there. We'll have to get together for a ride at some point. Holla. Nick