Friday, September 15, 2006

Dirt and Smashed Bike Racks

Finally got some riding in yesterday. It is amazing how much you can lose from being off the bike for two weeks. On the big efforts my heart rate was high enough to power something. I am not sure what that something is but my heart rate was there. Riding out at Paris is a different type of riding. It really never lets up until the end. For the most part you are either going up or down, there really is nothing in-between. This makes for some exciting riding but it can become tiresome if you are looking for an easy day.

I was able to add a few links to my chain so that I could install my 32X22 gear on the Drunken Monkey last night. That is a good gear for Paris Mountain but I think I am going to try the 32X20 for the Dupont ride on Sunday. There may be a couple spots where I have to push but that is how it goes on the SS.

Forest: "Momma what's vacation, you know where Daddy is?"
Momma: "Its a place where you go Forest and you never come back."

If this were only true, I would still be on vacation enjoying myself. Ho hum. However I do have some vacation news since I don't have any new pictures yet. Whilst staying in the One Washington Circle Hotel I had a Valet park my Escape. This was a great place for us to stay downtown because it was a central location for all that we wanted to do. So after the valet parked my car I didn't drive it until it was time to leave three days later. Well when the morning valet brought my Escape up so I could load our luggage, I went outside and noticed that the bike rack was destroyed. Cracks in the clamp and the mounting bar was bent at a 45 degree angle. Hmmmmmmm, no bike is going in that rack I couldn't even get the clamp to open up. I was very calm and collected for the most part. Come to find out it was the guy who parked the car that actually hit the roof in the basement. So he tried to hide it from me. I can't imagine that he has his job anymore but maybe I am wrong. We got more than half off our stay for the hotel and I talked to the General Manager yesterday. After a silence standoff on the phone he agreed to buy a new rack. We will see if it actually happens. Wasn't that an exciting story?



Sir Belt Buckle said...
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Sir Belt Buckle said...

That WAS an exciting story. Let's just hope E doesn't do that to mine when I let her drive my car home. Without supervision. Namely with out me in the car. It's a big step forward in our relationship. I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.
But seriously, I'm sorry to hear about the rack. Sounds like something that'd happen to me. But if ya need some suggestions on a new rack, I can totally help ya out.

Sir Belt Buckle said...

Ok, I don't know why it's showing a "/* for a bold WAS but whatever. It's your blog. :)

Arleigh said...

hmm finding even more semi-locals that blog. that interest me.