Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Its Official

Well, there are a couple things that are official. Number one is that I got 9th in the photography contest that Dupont State Forest put on. This is the picture I submitted:

Unfortunately, all that means is that I got 9th. Only the top two will be featured on the new maps. Oh well, I am honored to have received my 6 votes. Second place was my favorite:

Go here to check the contest out. Yes, they did spell my name wrong. It is a common occurrence.

Second official item of business, COWBELL CHALLENGE 2007 is on. I am officially registered in the overall category. After much debate with myself, I chose the overall category instead of single speed. To put it simply, I am not a single speeder, I ride a bike with no gears or suspension because it suits me. Therefore in my mind, I have chosen the deadliest weapon for the fight. If you don’t think so, please come to the race and taunt me, throw tomatoes, heckle, call me a wuss or just make some noise in general. Anything and everything will motivate me.

Last year, I had Kristin help me out on support. She handed me bottles, shoved salty goodies such as popcorn in my mouth, dumped water over my head and kept me in good spirits, generally speaking. This year I am approaching the race a little differently. I will hopefully set up a table with all of my necessities close to the course and self-support my efforts.

My Father will be hanging out with Kristin during the race, so I don’t want to hinder their good time with standing around for 12 hours just to hand me a bottle and say good job. I believe their efforts will be better suited if they are having a great time ringing some cowbells at me and telling me to move my slow butt.

It really honors me to have my Father come watch my efforts as I will be dedicating my race to my Grandfather who passed due to bone cancer recently. The only other race he has seen me in was last year’s Assault. So in this case, the lap race is well suited for my spectators.

For that very reason I plan on running my 32X22 in the race. I am training with the 32X20 to really beat up my legs. This is what I did for PMBAR and why I was able to climb all day long. Last year (with a geared bike) I walked many of the steep pitches. With the 22 in the back, I won’t have to worry about that.

It does seem as though everyone is against my plans to crush the Cowbell. First of all, I have a wedding in Charleston the night before the Cowbell. It’s hard to imagine that I will be going to a wedding where I can’t drink, oh well. Second of all, I now have a 4:00AM – 12:00NOON shift that I have to cover at work the week before the Cowbell too. Should be interesting to see how things pan out.

If you aren't going to the Cowbell but you would still like to contribute to the cause, go here. Tell them the Tomato sent ya!


allan said...

I'm using the same self support routine as you for Cowbell. This race means a good bit to me also. I lost my mother to lung cancer when I was 13. See ya there.

Oh..awesome looking pic. I'm always jealous of people who have that talent.

ExtrmTao said...


Good on ya for coming out to the Cowbell. If you haven't been before, remember to take some shade with ya. It is literally the hottest race ever.