Tuesday, June 19, 2007


A photo by the Goat from last Wednesday:

It has been awhile since I have had the satisfaction of a “race” atmosphere surrounding me. Sure I had the PMBAR this year but all those feelings are long gone. Not considering the fact that when we finished the PMBAR, I didn’t have a change of clothes and therefore had to get back to the campground as quickly as possible before I came down with a case of insanity and hypothermia.

I am really looking forward to having those gut bomb butterflies on Saturday morning. The camaraderie of a race such as the Cowbell is one of the many reasons I enjoy these events. Back in the days of childhood, one of everyone’s (I say everyone loosely here because I considered myself everyone when I was little) favorite things to do was to get a bunch of like-minded friends together and see what hair brained ideas we could come up with. How do you think flashlight tag was invented anyway?

Banking off this concept is why I love having 200 of my closest friends to ride dirt laps with all day. Racer 1 “Hey what are you going to do today?” Racer 2 “I am going to ride my bike around this 10 mile loop as many times as I can and then drink a beer.” Racer 1 “That is freaking awesome, mind if I join you?” That is how I envision the beginnings of lap racing anyway but I am a little nonsensical.

I started readying the Drunken Monkey last night. Her new tubeless wheel set is holding pressure nicely so far and if it doesn’t rain, I will hopefully give them a dirt test tonight. I am anxious to see how they feel on the dirt.

Other Cowbell preparations will be revealed as I get them ready. Only three more days of anticipation!

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Palmetto Solo said...

Anticipate the ringing of that damn Cowbell bell every lap. Till it gets into your mind once there is spins out of control latching down onto your soul and you can't stop the voices in your head screamming out for mercy please stop make this shit stop for the love of all that is holy please stop.

Oops, my bad that only happens in a 24 solo. See you this weekend