Monday, June 04, 2007

Bees Are Everywhere!

On Saturday we drove up to Bent Creek in North Carolina to help re-route and maintain a one mile section of trail named Wolf Branch. It was good to dig around in the dirt for a day and help out.

One section of trail that had a large turn in it was a complete re-route. It is always fun doing re-routes because you get to lay whatever design you want into it. I worked on a small bench for people to stop and take a rest on. I will have to go sit on it sometime soon.

Here is Woody showing us his Ditch Witch skillz:

Previously, on Friday, I had gone to pick up a townie from Cass. I was lucky enough to snag the Czechoslovakian “Favorit” from Cass for Kristin. I am pretty sure we got the deal of the century so the rest of you can stop looking.

I did some research on the “Favorit Rapido” and basically it is an old Czech 27” touring bike.

The cool thing about Kristin is that she already knows bike culture better than most since she hangs around bike snobs all the time. So she bought a bell, saddle bag and a helmet. Here she is installing her new bell on the mustache handlebars. At this point I think she said "Pay attention and maybe one day, you can work on your bike too." That was a low blow 8-)

On Sunday we went for a ride to get brunch and then I went out around town to get an hour or so of spinning in. I had told Kristin to give me a call at 2:15 because that would be my alarm to start heading back toward the house so we could go to the Greenville Drive game.

So after a good bit of riding, I was on the new boyscout trail really huffing as hard as I could to get up a couple steep pitches when I felt something start buzzing. I flipped out completely, I was out of breath, sweating and now I had a bee buzzing in my shorts. I had some cover up shorts over my chamois so I started jumping around and I took the shorts off as fast as I could, the buzzing was still there so I unclipped my camel bak and threw it down. The buzzing was gone, shewwww, I sat down, gathered myself and then went back to the pack cautiously.

As I walked back to the pack, I realized I had flailed around quite a bit and one of my pockets won’t close completely since the PMBAR so I reached in to make sure all of my stuff was there. I grabbed my phone, it was 2:20 and I had a missed call. CRAP, my phone was on vibrate and I hadn’t realized it. The LG phone has a strong “bee feature.”

After that incident, we got ready to ride to the Drive game. About a mile into the ride I realized I had dropped the house key and bike lock key. I made a mad dash looking for it but had no luck. I went back to get Kristin, we made it back to the house and I broke in right as she found the key lying in the flowers. I was on yesterday let me tell you.

Eventually we made it to the game and back. What a great day of bees, cell phones, bike rides, baseball and lost keys.


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Squirrel said...

That was funny....brought back some good memories of me old bee stories and sceaming like a little girl:)