Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spa Time

Below is a picture I took while rolling through Madisonville KY last Friday:

I gave the Drunken Monkey the limited spa time that I can. Pretty much any moving party on the DM is now dysfunctional to a certain point since the PMBAR. My quick release was seized, my front brake pads were metal on metal, back brake pads have about 25% of the pads left, bottom bracket needs to be replaced but will do for now. That just about covers it on my bike.

I love the XTR brakes. I would have been fine in the race if I would have been using my metallic pads on both front and back. When I got the brakes they came with semi-metallic pads and I got a pair of full metallics for backup. I had the semis in the front and the full’s in the back. The full’s definitely held up better. Lesson learned.

After the bike work, I made it out to the gym. It was nice to exercise after a full eight days of slothness. If everything goes well I will get out on the bike at Paris tonight and Dupont tomorrow. I can’t wait.

This past weekend I was able to make it down to Kentucky Lake for some much needed relaxation. The normal festivities occurred. A boat ride here and there, lots of beverages, some Frisbee, you know the stuff that makes the world turn.

Here is Oliver, he is a stubborn but good dog.

My main man chillin’ by the big green egg, lots of good food is produced in that bad boy:

On my way home on Sunday, I stopped by the local gas station and drove up on this scene. At first, I seriously thought some of these dogs were dead. It was strange indeed.


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