Monday, May 21, 2007

Crushing the Cowbell, Phase One

I got in three rides this weekend and around ~70 miles of dirt. Today my legs are completely wasted.

So here is my weekend in thirty seconds:

I had my 32X22 on so I ripped this trail Friday:

Within the first mile I saw this momma laying eggs:

On Saturday I churned out 35 miles at Habison:

Saturday night the moon and Venus were dancing:
A look down the Broad River from Harbison:
I'm going to have to lay off the steriods, my huge thighs ripped my Nevegal in the back:
Sunday I met up with this guy and we burned up about 25 miles at Manchester.

Tuesday night is Dupont this week and Wednesday is our first pre-SORBA meeting. If you didn't get the email and you want to come out for the SORBA meeting leave an email address and I will send you the details.


Dicky said...

Just get on the Rampage train yo.

Anonymous said...

Damn those are some sweeeet shades. Who is that rider, he looks fast!