Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Meat and Five

Well somehow I made it. I need rest, beer and rest. Last night’s ride at Dupont went off without a hitch like always.

I took the lead on Reasonover and tried my best to hold onto the front so I could fly down the single track. I had the MountainGoat Bandersnatching down my neck so I thought I would try some shake and bake on the downhill.

I was able to shake him off my wheel but not for long or far as I came around the hairpin 90 degree corner on Reasonver I got a little too aggressive with my lean and I washed out. Nothing but a little dirt in my eyes and we made it to the bottom. I never get tired of that trail.

We took a different route than normal, as it was my attempt not to crush myself. I still had my 32X20 on and I was working on 90+ miles on the single speed since Friday. So we took the following route:

Reasonover, Lake Julia Road, Camp Summit Road, Mine Mountain, Laurel Ridge, Shoals, Corn Mill Shoals, Bridal Veil Falls Road, Barn Trail, Shelter Rock, Conservation Road, Airstrip, put your thing down and reverse it right back up Airstrip, Mine Mountain

I let Wooglin and Mountain Goat Epics run off and play on the climbs together as my legs were not having any part of their reindeer games.

I hid in the woods on Mine Mountain and snapped this one of David George rollin’ the ugly trails at Dupont:

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Palmetto Solo said...

Leroy are you in town this weekend or are you going to KY town. The state not the personal warming lubricant?

I'm down with the Cowbell HOT AS HELL COOK YOUR BRAIN WITH HIGH TENSION POWERLINES 12hr. Challenge. I'll grab the Harrells eze up shelter. What gear are you running. I have to know so I can go way bigger.