Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crushing Myself, Phase Two

I have a friend who rides horses and she is always keen to pick up any products that I might have missed:

After work yesterday I was headed straight home to drink a beer and head down to the local pizza pie man and go to work, then Andrew called me. He says he got my email about wanting to do an urban ride, “shit” I think. I had already written off riding for the night but then Andrew started talking about riding over Paris. “Your going on your road bike I asked?” He replied “yes.”

So that’s how I ended up pounding two beers headed for the top of Paris on the Drunken Monkey while Andrew rode his road bike. As you may know, Andrew is still recouping from surgery so him on the road bike and I on knobs should work ok. As long as there are plenty of hills.

I handled the ascent up the front side of the mountain pretty well but after the descent of the backside flying around all those curves, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to climb right back up it. Oh well, there’s beer on the other side of that mountain.

Going back up it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had envisioned as we chatted the entire way. A nice cruise to the bottom left us with one more quick grunt up Dupont road headed back to Andrew’s place.

That was a pretty good rest day, Dupont tonight, SORBA tomorrow.

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