Monday, May 14, 2007

Declaration Of War

It has been exactly eight days since I have been on my bike. I have not touched it since the PMBAR. This was not on purpose, sometimes life throws you a homerun and sometimes it throws you a curveball that you have to take in the nuts, I hope you have your cup on.

So I am extremely eager to get home to my beloved Drunken Monkey and see if I can get her rolling again. During my quick hiatus away from mountain biking last week, I decided that my one lap race this year will be the Cowbell.

I felt really good this year in the PMBAR. Surprisingly good in fact, my "fitness" has come along even better than I envisioned it so it is time to turn it on and declare war on the Cowbell. I had thought about doing the 12 hours of Tsali, instead of the Cowbell this year but as I have stated in the past, I like doing races that benefit a great cause. The Cowbell benefits the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Seeing how this son-of-a-bitch disease has destroyed some people that are dear to me, there is a reckoning to be had at the Cowbell.

Last year, I made an epic struggle at the Cowbell, I completed 11 laps for close to 80 miles in 12 hours. It was my first solo attempt at a 12 hour race and I was awarded with 12th out of 33 riders. I don’t care so much what place I come in but last year I had a secret goal of completing 100 miles. I plan for that to be a highly attainable goal this year.

Firsts are really fun for me, I enjoyed the SWANK last year because it was my first single speed race. PMBAR, was fun to complete on the single as well as my partner kept asking if I needed gears before the race. So now I have the chance to race my first SS lap race. I am not sure if I want to be associated with that derelict class yet, maybe I will sign up in the over-all and then each one of you can shed a tear as I blow by you.



jpelton said...

It's on.
I was just thinking today that I think that is going to be my next race. May sucks for me, so June will be the next race.
100 sounds good.
My flawless record could be in jeopardy.

The Goat said...

Riding for only 12 hrs!

weak sauce weeeaaak saauuusssee wwwweeeaaaaak saaaaaaaace saaaussse! What a minute! I think someone already used that one on me?! Oh yea it was you. Be a man, do a real lap race. I don't know, say the Burn 24. I'll be there with a, opp, ain't telling lets just say there will be war paint involved.

Just Kidding Mater! I plan to be at the Cowbell to. Great cause and a course that wears the monkey grease out of me.